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Monday, June 24, 2024

Rob Akins and Robb Meyer, Operator of Spring Creek Ranch, reviewing building plans for the Academy in Fall 2010.

Rob Akins and David Gosset. Rob helped David to establish himself as a top High School and Collegiate player as well as one of the best Amateurs in Tennessee before he began his career on the PGA Tour.

Rob's student, David Toms (currently ranked 28th on the PGA Tour's Official World Golf Ranking). Click Here on David's picture to read Rob's analysis of David's Swing Sequence.

Helping Students unravel the mysteries to their game and discover their full potential.

When Rob Akins came to Spring Creek Ranch as Director of Instruction in 2000, he had a dream to build a state-of-the-art teaching academy where he could continue to inspire and instruct his students--professionals and  amateurs alike.

A dream realized, the Rob Akins Golf Academy opened in Spring 2011. At the Golf Academy, Rob Akins and his Instructors teach students how to golf the Rob Akins Way.

The Rob Akins Way of golfing helps golfers of all levels understand the core principles of the swing and game so they can apply their swing successfully on the course and under pressure. Rob's methods have helped his students to reach their potential and become some of the most successful High School, Collegiate, Touring and competitive Amateur players in golf. 


The principles that embody the Rob Akins swing and playing philosophy includes:

  • The Set Up: Posture, Balance, and Distance from the ball.
  • Grip/Control of the Club Face: If you have a weak grip/open club face then you will never lag the club. If you have a grip that's too strong/closed club face then you will never be on plane. The grip controls the swing.
  • Plane: Utilizing proper sequence of movement and the rotation of your body to swing the club.
  • LAG: If your set up, grip and plane are good, then you have the chance to achieve lag; Although lag is not demanded.
The Grip Makes the Swing
The Position of the club face affects our ability to swing on plane.

To produce lag, the body has to drag the club.

There is only one swing for every club and chipping is a smaller piece of the full swing. To master the full swing, students have to master chip shots first.